[Armadillo:01502] Re: about armadillo-210

Yasushi SHOJI email@hidden
2007年 2月 28日 (水) 16:20:53 JST

At Wed, 28 Feb 2007 16:10:40 +0900,
email@hidden wrote:
> hi
> I just download
> http://download.atmark-techno.com/armadillo-210/source/kernel/linux-
> in vmware
> tar zxvf linux- 
> cd linux-
> cp arch/arm/configs/armadillo210_defconfig .config
> make 
> Is there something wrong ?

yup. there is some thing wrong.

you need to set ARCH=arm and CROSS_COMPILE=arm-linux-gcc to compile
linux kernel for arm architecture. plus, you need to run make

prefered way would be:

    tar xfvz atmark-dist-20061020.tar.gz
    tar xfvz linux-
    mv linux- atmark-dist-20061020/linux-2.6.x
    cd atmark-dist-20061020
    make menuconfig


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