[Armadillo:00174] Why I can not satrt up Etherent function, please help us to resolve to

研三部_楊禮謙 email@hidden
2005年 3月 21日 (月) 19:27:44 JST

Dear Sir:

    I am  Angus, Our company is EMINE, Our company has bought your company's board, When we start up the board, and we need to start Ethernet function However Ethernet function is not OK.

It display bellow message


ns7520_ethvpd: unexpected end of vpd at 0x200416c

ns7520_eth: Error -5 registering eth0


And then eth0 is fail when we do ifconfig command to start up eth0 Please refer to attach file Could you tell me how to start up Ethernet function?

On kernel or others

Please tell us the detail of setting


Angus mail from EMINE



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