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Dimitris Tsiougkos email@hidden
2010年 7月 15日 (木) 00:48:25 JST

Hello Yashi,

Thank you very much for the response

I have the armadillo board acting as a master and I want to communicate with
another board(audio sensor STM32 ARM) acting as slave.

The slave (audio) device is the 0x18 and this cannot be changed. So, I
configure in master's side the slave address to 0x18. Of course I can change
the value via ioctl, but I can't access the slave's device.
The first time I send a data_block using the i2c_smbus_write_block(), the
reception is ok but after this procedure
I can not read or write. The clock line is low and the SDA remains high.
According to the protocol, this is a clock stretching phenomenon and
everithing stops working. Every write or read I execute, an error is
returned back. I also checked the mxc_i2c.c file to understand the procedure
of transmission and reception. I observed a right first data trans. but
after that a kernel message of "Bus arbitration lost" was rising.

Thanks in advance,


2010/7/14 Yasushi SHOJI <email@hidden>

> At Tue, 13 Jul 2010 08:01:33 -0700,
> Dimitris Tsiougkos wrote:
> >
> > To be more specific, I want to communicate with a device (in address
> 0x18)
> > which receives a command like 0x2 0x1 0x1 and sends a response
> > like 0x3 0x1 0x0 0x1. The problem is in master reception when the SDA
> > remains high and the SCL is LOW. Form the I2C spec, the arbitration is
> lost.
> is it possible to change the device address from 0x18 to something
> else?  in other words, does any of i2c device react on the address
> 0x18?
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>          yashi
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