[Armadillo:08668] Re: Embedded Windows on Armadillo-420

Shin-ya Koga email@hidden
2013年 3月 13日 (水) 18:11:30 JST

Hello Brian,

you wrote([Armadillo:08666]):
>I am trying to find information on running Embedded Windows on an 
>Armadillo-420 board.
>Is there any English documentation about the Armadillo 420 board? 
>(http://armadillo.atmark-techno.com/products/a420) It says that Windows 
>Embedded is supported and I am trying to find docs on how to do this.

Sorry, but there is no English documentation about WEC 7/WinCE 6.0
on Armadillo-4x0.

>The closest thing I've seen is this 
>but it says 440/460. If there is an older version of embedded windows 
>that is supported and documented, that would be fine.

Actually, the BSP of Armadillo-4x0 supports Armadillo-420 since
the version which publisehd at 2012/06/01. You can build the OS
image for Armadillo-420 with the BSP.

There are the catalog item of Platform Builder which spedififes

  Third Party
      AM440: ARMV5 ('ARMv4I' in case of WinCE 6.0)
*       A420 CPU Board

Best Regards,
Shin-ya Koga
Something Precious, Inc.  Sapporo JAPAN

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