[Suzaku-en:00040] Error when following example in hardware manual

Ye Zijia email@hidden
Fri Jul 8 12:47:07 JST 2005

Hi, i am new to suzaku and encountered this error while following the example in the hardware manual. Can someone help and tell me what to do ?

when connecting suzaku using JTAG to con 2,

C:\zijia\suzaku-20050115>lbplay2 -deb top.mcs
LittleBearPlayer2  0.17
mcs file1 = top.mcs
***    WinNT mode    ***
ERROR:  Device not found.


when i tried connecting the JTAG to con 7 and use impact to do a boundary scan, i found an unknown device instead. Shouldn't i detect a Spartan 3 xc3s400 instead ?

This is the log :

AutoDetecting cable. Please wait.

CB_PROGRESS_START - Starting Operation.

Connecting to cable (USB Port).

Cable connection failed.

Connecting to cable (Parallel Port - LPT1).

Checking cable driver.

Driver windrvr6.sys version =

LPT base address = 0378h.

ECP base address = 0778h.

Cable connection established.

CB_PROGRESS_END - End Operation.

Elapsed time = 1 sec.

// *** BATCH CMD : Identify

PROGRESS_START - Starting Operation.

Identifying chain contents ....

INFO:iMPACT:1588 - '1':The part does not appear to be Xilinx Part.

'1': : Manufacturer's ID =Unknown , Version : 15

INFO:iMPACT:501 - '1': Added Device UNKNOWN successfully.




PROGRESS_END - End Operation.

Elapsed time = 2 sec.

Device #1 selected


Thanks and regards,



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