[Suzaku-en:00061] (no subject)

Karlsson Martin email@hidden
Tue Oct 18 19:21:44 JST 2005


I have a problem with my suzaku-s 1000.
I'm experience a random error when I start the device up.
I'm trying to add a fft core in the top.vhd file, it workes fine except that
nothing happens when I look at the console, However, sometimes it works if I
recompile the source, (both the fft and the microblaze). Somethings happens
when the device is trying to load the microblaze boot code from the BRAM, at
least this is
what I think it is. I'm using edk 7.1 and ise 7.1.
Another question, why is the "use dcache" unchecked in the microblaze options
but "allow write to dchache" enabled. Doesn't this means that all other dcache
options is ignored?

Martin Karlsson


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