[Suzaku-en:00071] Re: kernel modules

Ford Sleeman email@hidden
Tue Oct 25 02:18:38 JST 2005

I want my module to show up as /dev/"module name" so I can open it like 
a file. Because the file system is read-only I cannot just use mknod to 
set things up. I saw in a Suzaku Makefile where to create a module entry 
as /dev/"module name" but haven't figured out how to map a module I will 
load to this file. Any ideas?


Yasushi SHOJI wrote:

>At Mon, 24 Oct 2005 09:25:26 -0400,
>Ford Sleeman wrote:
>>Actually I fixed my problem. I don't remember exactly what I did that 
>>fixed that specific problem but to successfully load modules on the 
>>Suzaku I need to use a different kind of Makefile and turn of module 
>>versioning in the kernel.
>ah, the versioning is the one I assume.
>          yashi

Ford Sleeman
VCU School of Engineering

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