[Suzaku-en:00177] Re: SPI core

Ford Sleeman email@hidden
Sat Apr 1 06:19:45 JST 2006

The SPI core does use interrupts and when used the driver will register 
at least one interrupt in /proc/interrupts. What do you mean by "does it 
failing at the probe phase?" It looks like I can read and write the 
control register with ioctl(filp, XSPI_IOC_SETOPTS, &args); where filp 
is a file pointer to the device and args is an xspi_ioc_options struct. 
I am unable to set the slave select line.

Yasushi SHOJI wrote:
> At Fri, 24 Mar 2006 10:14:56 -0500,
> Ford Sleeman wrote:
>> Has anybody used the Xilinx driver for the SPI core? I was able to add 
>> SPI support into the kernel and load the driver by hand, but the device 
>> does not show up in the /proc/interrupts file. I had been able to add 
>> more uart_lites and have them register with the interrupt handler but I 
>> cannot seem to get the SPI working. Any suggestions?
> does SPI use interrupt at all?  if so, does it failing at the probe
> phase?
> regards,
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>           yashi

Ford Sleeman
VCU School of Engineering

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