[Suzaku-en:00182] Suzaku boot software

Eduardo Sebastián Martínez email@hidden
Tue Apr 11 20:56:34 JST 2006

I am trying to use the Suzaku boot loader software in order to download 
my own standalone C program, by using the Overwriting Flash Memory in 
Motorola S-Format. I have seen that this boot loader removes the headers 
and write the program into the Flash memory, based on the address 
included in the .srec file. In my case I have prepare this .srec file to 
be downloaded into the Flash space dedicated to host the Hermit Boot 

After rebooting the board, I try to execute my program as if I would 
execute the Hermit Boot Loader, but it does not work. The questions are:

1.Is this a right way of executing your own standalone C programs 
(without Linux)?
2.There is any other simplest way?
3.It is possible to use the Flash Memory Program  tool of EDK ( in my 
case it does not work)?
4.Could you provide me a EDK project configured to do this task?

Thanks, Eduardo. 

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