[Suzaku-en:00185] Re: Suzaku boot software

Yasushi SHOJI email@hidden
Thu Apr 13 10:53:44 JST 2006

At Tue, 11 Apr 2006 13:56:34 +0200,
Eduardo Sebastián Martínez wrote:
> I am trying to use the Suzaku boot loader software in order to download 
> my own standalone C program, by using the Overwriting Flash Memory in 
> Motorola S-Format. I have seen that this boot loader removes the headers 
> and write the program into the Flash memory, based on the address 
> included in the .srec file. In my case I have prepare this .srec file to 
> be downloaded into the Flash space dedicated to host the Hermit Boot 
> Loader.
> After rebooting the board, I try to execute my program as if I would 
> execute the Hermit Boot Loader, but it does not work. The questions are:
> 1.Is this a right way of executing your own standalone C programs 
> (without Linux)?


> 2.There is any other simplest way?

don't know what is the simplest way. BBoot, which is the first boot
loader located in block ram, plus your own c program seems reasonably

The simplest way I'd say would be to make your own C program small
enough to fit it in the block ram.  EDK can handle everything for
you. extending bboot would be easier I assume.

anyway, the current bboot just copy data from flash to dram in the
function copy_flash_to_dram().  this function copies certain size of
data, defined as FLASH_SIZE (the name doesn't sound right but anyway)
in flash.h, and then jump to the LOAD_ADDRESS.

what your program must do is to setup your own stack and do whatever C
world needs, if your C development tool kit doesn't do it right.  EDK
does it for block ram programs but don't know for others.

> 3.It is possible to use the Flash Memory Program  tool of EDK ( in my 
> case it does not work)?

hmm... haven't tried it.

> 4.Could you provide me a EDK project configured to do this task?

probably not.

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