[Suzaku-en:00140] Re: Development Kit question

Ford Sleeman email@hidden
Sat Feb 4 02:31:06 JST 2006

Hi Daniel,

No, you will not get everything you need. The a PPC gcc compiler is 
included but none of the FPGA tools are. You will need to have the 
Xilinx ISE and Platform Studio (XPS) which is not cheap. There is a free 
version of the ISE on Xilinx's website but I am not sure which features 
are not available. Any development with Xilinx chips, in this case the 
Virtex2-Pro, that uses IP cores or embedded processors you will have to 
use XPS. Once you have the tools installed you can compile the stock 
project files and start adding your own code.


Daniel M. wrote:
> Hi,
> I got interest in the SUZAKU-V model, but my question is;
> will I get all the software required to get it up running completely
> with Linux, C compiler, Verilog compiler and everything else
> needed to compile and run my own C programs using the FPGA
> with my own Verilog programs?
> Thanks.
> Daniel
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