[Suzaku-en:00147] DSOCM

S.Georges email@hidden
Tue Feb 14 20:32:27 JST 2006


can anyone help me with DSOCM?
i connected a bramblock with the dsbram_if_ctrl to the dsocm bus.

in hermit with frob, when i write 0x12345678 to the adress, i get only peeked
back 0x00040078

when booting to uclinux, after the line:"Freeing unused kernel memory: 40k init"
it becomes very slow, and writes each letter in half a second... and then after
"Mounting var:" it hangs completeley.

i tried different adresses 0x80000000 or 0x200000000 or 0x7000000000 everywhere
the same.

where is the trick, what did i miss?

thank you very much!

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