[Suzaku-en:00156] lbplay2.exe problem

Eduardo Sebastián Martínez email@hidden
Mon Feb 27 21:32:59 JST 2006

I have the SUZAKU-V board and I am starting to work with it. I have a 
certain degree of experience in working with Xilinx FPGA. Today is the 
first day in which I have tried to download the default top.mcs to the 
board by using the lbplay2  application. But instead of finishing this 
process the next message appears:

***      WinNT  mode     ***
ERROR: Device not found.

After, looking for something similar in the mail list, I think this is a 
problem with the board detection (hardware). Thus I have used the iPACT 
to see if the hardware is OK, and everything look like good because the 
FPGA has been detected.

The description of may hardware is:

Windows 2000
Xilinx Parallel cable IV

Could someone help me with this problem?. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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