[Suzaku-en:00218] Problem bulding with EDK 8.2i

Lars email@hidden
Thu Oct 5 22:52:41 JST 2006

(Suzaku S-030)

I have problems building the FPGA config with EDK
8.2i. I use the fpga project from {suzaku portal
site}/fpga_proj/8.1i/sz030/. After updating cores to
8.2 (cannot skip this) and compiling the project in
the EDK, I have got vhdl files (stub, xps and others).
After opening ISE and creating a new project, the stub
was added as a top, the ucf and xps added and all that
has been compiled in ISE.

The resulting mcs doesn't boot, regardless of weather
it was created before or after cleaning all EDK
generated files.

Also tried the project from fpga_proj/8.2i/sz030/ and
this did also not boot. The 8.1i project seemed more
ready because there is a compiles mcs there so I
decided to stick with this version.

Anyone has any ideas how to compile in EDK 8.2i?


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