[Suzaku-en:00229] Re: Unknown flash size

Yasushi SHOJI email@hidden
Mon Oct 16 21:08:44 JST 2006

At Mon, 16 Oct 2006 12:48:15 +0200,
Stefan Schwarzburg wrote:
> I have the following  problem:
> when I start my suzaku-s board , I get the following message:
> >Switching to 2nd stage bootloader...
> >Copying kernel...done.
> >Unknown flash size
> >Halting...

the last two line is printed when BBoot is not able to get flash size.
That might happen if 

  - someone is sending and not finishing flash command to the on-board flash, and
  - fpga gets reconfigured

but, the last two message is following

> >Switching to 2nd stage bootloader...
> >Copying kernel...done.

those two lines; first from BBoot leaving and giving the control to
hermit, hermit got control and copied data from image region of flash
and jumped to the destination.

> What I use is everything from the 20050411 iso image (because I only have
> ISE/EDK 7.1).
> The fpga design is changed (a small IP core connected with OPB) and the
> uClinux is also changed to have a small hello world like program.
> I transfered the mcs file with JTAG, the uClinux iamge with hermit (after
> the mcs file).

well, you have changed both fpga and software image, right? with that,
it can happen anything ;-P

> If I short the bootloader pins, I get a hermit promt, so it seems to be a
> uClinux problem.

hmmm... what happen if you write the original image? 

how did you add your hello world program?

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