[Suzaku-en:00232] Re: ATDE language

Yasushi SHOJI email@hidden
Tue Oct 17 14:32:08 JST 2006

At Tue, 17 Oct 2006 14:43:41 +1000,
Gang WANG wrote:
> Is there an English distribution of ATDE?  I can't read Japanese.

can you somehow logout from the desktop? you can select exit menu from
the panel.  Icon is like door with red arrow.

then, you'll see Gnome Desktop Manager window.  in the window there is
a menu call "language".  go navigate to -> Other -> POSIX/C English C.

enter user name "atmark" and password "atmark.

now you see all english.  but there is one more thing to do.  you need
to change key map.  

From panel menu, Applications -> Desktop Preferences -> Keyboard ->
Layouts.  Pick your keyboard layout from right pane then move it
up. In my case, I use US English qwerty 101 keyboard my self. so I'd
pick U.S. English.  you can remove japanese from the left pane.

that should be it.   let us know if you know better way to do it. Is
there a way to select keyboard layout from the GDM?

btw, If you don't like X ;-), you might need to change console

open a terminal, then type

     sudo dpkg-reconfigure -plow console-data

hit ok, then select your keyboard type. 

In my case, I'd go to the top entry "Select keymap from arch list",
hit enter, select "qwerty", then "US american", "Standard",

this will change the boottime key map.  X session you are in is still
using the old one.  restart your VM and see how it works.

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