[Suzaku-en:00235] Flash problem

Pierre-Frederic email@hidden
Sun Oct 22 17:58:17 JST 2006


    Now that I have a nice FPGA bitstream with my custom peripherals and custom software in BRAM, how do I put this bitstream in the Flash to make the Suzaku load it at boot ?
    The manual explains how to overwrite the uclinux image or hermit but not how to do this.

    I have a .bit file.

    I see two solutions :
    - Use lb2play and the TE7720 chip. Problem : I have to switch the JTAG cable from the FPGA socket to the other JTAG socket everytime I want to download something, and it's cumbersome.
    - Upload a bitstream with bboot in the FPGA, and use this to launch hermit to overwrite the FPGA bitstream in the Flash.

    I don't know how to convert my .bit file to the right format. Can anybody provide a script ?

    Thanks !

    I have a Suzaku S-030.


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