[Suzaku-en:00238] uClinux-dist-20051110-suzaku4 Released

SUZAKU Team email@hidden
Wed Oct 25 21:01:43 JST 2006

uClinux-dist-20051110-suzaku4 Release

uClinux-dist has been updated to -suzaku4


2006-10-20  Tetsuya OHKAWA  <email@hidden>
        * ALL: update default config
        * ALL: update sil drivers to accept extra new line charactor on
               write(2) (led & 7seg)

        * ALL: added rmdir command

        * ALL: re-added root password configuration to allow developer to
               change root password at configuration time.

        * ALL: recover passwd file if it's gone
        * ALL: added CONFIG_USER_TELNETD_DOES_NOT_USE_OPENPTY=y as default
        * SUZAKU-V: enable busybox fancy echo option for '-n'

        * SUZAKU-S: add '-n' option to shutils echo
        * SUZAKU-SIL: return only the LSB 4 bit when read()
        * SUZAKU-SE: add and enable MTD SPI driver
        * SUZAKU-SE: enable netflash and flatfsd

Happy Hacking!

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