[Suzaku-en:00489] Re: Question regarding Petalinux on Suzaku SZ130 hardware

Mike Thompson email@hidden
Thu Nov 1 00:09:08 JST 2007


Thank you for the response.

My thoughts are that the existing BBoot could be used unchanged from
the existing Suzaku uClinux 2.4 distribution to boot the Petalinux 2.6
kernel/romfs image.  We don't have a requirement for network based
booting and BBoot already knows how to stream the kernel/romfs image
from flash into in RAM and starting the kernel by jumping to it's
entry address.  Hopefully I'm not being naive, but it seems that if I
created a Petalinux 2.6 kernel/romfs image that more or less mimics
the old uClinux 2.4 kernel/image, I should be able to use the existing
Suzaku tools to place it into flash and have BBoot function as it does
today to start up the kernel.  As you note, we still have to use
Kermit to flash the Suzaku over the serial cable, but we've learned to
live with this :-).

I believe there is a Petalinux configuration for Suzaku in the 2.4
kernel, but not in the 2.6 kernel.  I'll have to look again.

Thanks again for the response.

Mike Thompson

On 10/31/07, Eilert Backhus <email@hidden> wrote:
> Mike Thompson schrieb:
> > Hello,
> >
> > Has anyone experienced success with getting the Petalinux uClinux 2.6
> > kernel and OS running on Suzaku SZ130 hardware?  At first glance, it
> > seems it should be relatively straight forward assuming the drivers
> > for the SMSC LAN9115 chip are moved and/or ported to the 2.6 kernel
> > code base.  Are there other issues that would need to be addressed for
> > Petalinux to run successfully on the SZ130 hardware?
> >
> > I'm realize that Atmark Techno doesn't officially support Petalinux on
> > their hardware, but even an unofficial port or general guidelines to
> > creating such a port from scratch would be helpful.
> >
> > Thanks,
> >
> > Mike Thompson
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> Hi Mike,
> one of our students made some steps in that direction.
> At this time I can only give you some hints from what he told me.
> Generally it should be possible, since therde is an AtmarkTechno
> configuration already in the petalinux-distribution. The student guesses
> that the AtmarkTechno guys are working with petalinux, but can not
> distribute it without paying license fees for the proprietary tools that
> come with the distribution.
> Furthermore there is a problem with the bootloader(s).
> Petalinux comes with "U-Boot". But that one does not support the
> ethernet chip on the suzaku boards.
> At the moment he is very unsatisfied with the Hermit bootloader, because
> he can not use it over the network, and RS232 causes way too long
> turnaround times. (he's trying to write a kernel driver, and needs to
> test new kernels often)
> As a workaround he emulates the SZ130 with a Spartan 3e Starter Kit,
> using identical addresses etc.. There he can use U-Boot.
> So, porting U-Boot to the Suzaku would probably be the first step to
> Petalinux.
> Regards
>    Eilert Backhus
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