[Suzaku-en:00490] Re: Question regarding Petalinux on Suzaku SZ130 hardware

John Williams email@hidden
Thu Nov 1 08:04:36 JST 2007

Hi folks,

Mike Thompson wrote:
> My thoughts are that the existing BBoot could be used unchanged from
> the existing Suzaku uClinux 2.4 distribution to boot the Petalinux 2.6
> kernel/romfs image.  We don't have a requirement for network based
> booting and BBoot already knows how to stream the kernel/romfs image
> from flash into in RAM and starting the kernel by jumping to it's
> entry address.  Hopefully I'm not being naive, but it seems that if I
> created a Petalinux 2.6 kernel/romfs image that more or less mimics
> the old uClinux 2.4 kernel/image, I should be able to use the existing
> Suzaku tools to place it into flash and have BBoot function as it does
> today to start up the kernel.  As you note, we still have to use
> Kermit to flash the Suzaku over the serial cable, but we've learned to
> live with this :-).

Adding kernel support for a Suzaku board to PetaLinux should be almost 
trivial, but then I'm a little biased and perhaps a little more 
experienced than most in this regard!

As posters to this thread have correctly pointed out, the main issues 
should be EMAC and u-boot/hermit support.  PetaLinux includes a simple 
little zero-stage bootloader called FS-Boot - it can pull an SREC image 
via serial port and jump to it (or jump to a predefined flash address). 
  That's enough to bootstrap a board with u-boot, which does all of the 
heavy lifting re: flash prorgamming and so on.

The actual kernel config should be straight forward, just follow the 
directions at http://developer.petalogix.com for a custom board.  The 
BSP tools do most of the hard work, auto-config should take care of the 

Feel free to post on the microblaze-uclinux list to discuss progress and 

> I believe there is a Petalinux configuration for Suzaku in the 2.4
> kernel, but not in the 2.6 kernel.  I'll have to look again.

That's pretty ancient - I'd be surprised if it even builds anymore. 
Better to start from scraatch in the 2.6 kernel, I think.



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