[Suzaku-en:00492] please help.. hardware-software cuestion

Alberto Perasic email@hidden
Tue Nov 6 23:42:49 JST 2007


I am new in the development using the suzaku-V

I need to implement something like a protocol conversor. It must
take TCP commands and put it on a parallel port. in few words

For now i added an additional uart to the fpga and its ok. I do this
like a didactic exercise.

But the problem is: How a software writen in the work pc can
access to the peripherals of the OPB ( like an extra UART or a GPIO).???

I try to use Pointers to the base address of the extra UArt to get access to
the registers of the UART. And it go wrong... suzakus says " SIGSEGV
"... i think it fails because
the address of the opb bus are to big.

What is the most common way to handle the peripherals by software
written in the work PC??? (not in EDK)
is uClinux-dist the ansewr???



Alberto Perasic Ferreira.

PD: sorry for my sad english..

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