[Suzaku-en:00494] to integrate an IP-Core in Suzaku Project

aziz email@hidden
Wed Nov 7 18:27:21 JST 2007

  i have a Suzaku-S Board SZ030-U00, and i downloaded the Projekt http://download.atmark-techno.com/suzaku/fpga_proj/6.3i/sz030/suzaku-s-20060329.zip.
 Now i m trying since weeks to integrate my VHDL-Code that i create with ISE 8.1i
  this Code is just a Multiplex to switch the Input signals to the Output of my external HW
  as i understand from Suzaku-S Manuals i have to create an IP Core and to integrate on this IP-Core my VHDL-Multiplexer.
  i follow the Steps to creat Ip-Core on EDK.8.1i 
  Hardware---> Creat or Import Peripheral wizard------> next: Import existing Peripheral----->to an XPS Project, next---->Name: Multiplexer----->HDL Source Files----->Use an XST Project File--------> i browse to the Directory containging my ISE Project (Multiplexer)----> until this Step all is ok but in the next step i got Problems:
  here comes the Step to select the Bus Interfaces: so i chose: OPB Slave (SOPB)-----> next-------->SOP :Port, define SOPB bus interface ports for the Peripheral....
  i really dont know how to forward under: your Port i can just Choose one of the Option buses and all i can see are my Multiplexer Input and Outputs.
  these Input and Outputs i are very Important for me then i have to Connect the Physicaly to my external HW that i want to Control it.
  my Goal is to multiplex Signals on an external HW , and i want to control this Multiplex from a Computer that i decide with a graphical interface wich Input Signal should be switched to wich Output. i want to send this request to Suzaku-S via Ethernet Interface:
  please who can help me on that.
  many Thanks for any Idea and Help
  i m new with EDK and XPS, and i really want to learn these Process this is for my Practical Stage in my University and i cant find person having experience with Suzaku or with EDK/XPS

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