[Suzaku-en:00498] Re: to integrate an IP-Core in Suzaku Project

aziz email@hidden
Tue Nov 13 21:24:07 JST 2007

> opb-sil00 is created by "Create and Import Peripheral Wizard".

> Please refer to opb-sil00 that can be downloaded as follows.

> http://suzaku-en.atmark-techno.com/files/downloads/suzaku/suzaku-starter-kit/fpga/opb_sil00_v1_01_d.zip

> How to make opb-sil00 is written as followings Chapter 11.

> http://suzaku-en.atmark-techno.com/files/downloads/suzaku/suzaku-starter-kit/suzaku_starter_kit_guide_fpga-2.2.1.pdf

> It's Japanese but might be useful a little.


> And please push "More Info" of Wizard when not understanding.

> It might help you.


is there no englisch file or Tutorial in englisch

who can send me any Project for this Board Suzaku-s

just to understand who i can integrate my peripheral and to control my external Hardware.

i cant forward with the Japanese Documentation...


its really sad to have a board like that one and not enaugh Doc or usefull Tutorial to learn from it


please help me


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