[Suzaku-en:00502] Interrupts help

Alberto Perasic email@hidden
Tue Nov 20 00:42:52 JST 2007


Finally i solve the problem with uartlite driver. It was a matter
of put a  proper   kfree(kbuf); as  yashi suggest. thanks yashi.

Now i want to ask for help in the development of uartlite driver
but using interrupts.

I want to write the driver in a way that: each time the ReadFifo
is full, a interrupt ask for a interrupt handler to read the data and put it
into a buffer of an arbitrary size. All this in the kernel space.

The application must read the device and get the data. Then  the
fpga_read function
of the driver must past all the interrupt filled data in the buffer to
the user space. By using
copy_to_user( ).

The idea is  in some way build a function that only needs a buffer and
a count of bytes to read from
the uart. The work of collect the data is done via interrupts.

I would like to know wich details i must care to get this driver work.
and if some one can post links to similar proyect or info related.

I am already reading the linux device drivers book. but  is a little
confusing  for now to me.
because the chapter about interrupt handling is heavely related with
other concepts of the kernel.
may be it is a matter of time..


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