[Suzaku-en:00503] Re: Interrupts help

Yasushi SHOJI email@hidden
Wed Nov 21 15:35:07 JST 2007

At Mon, 19 Nov 2007 11:42:52 -0400,
Alberto Perasic wrote:
> Finally i solve the problem with uartlite driver. It was a matter
> of put a  proper   kfree(kbuf); as  yashi suggest. thanks yashi.

it's my pleasure.

> I am already reading the linux device drivers book. but  is a little
> confusing  for now to me.
> because the chapter about interrupt handling is heavely related with
> other concepts of the kernel.
> may be it is a matter of time..

well, the chapter 10 is a must read for device driver author.  what
exactly was your problem?  what concept did you have problem with?

in Linux, it is a matter of calling request_irq() to register your
interrupt handler.  nothing less, nothing more.  in your handler, you
just check the interrupt source (check the register), do what you need
to do.

the skeleton driver in the book is pretty concentrated about the
topic, and don't repeat previous chapter topics.  so it might be good
idea to read from chapter 1 through 10. well, then, as you said, it
might be a matter of time ;-)

please help us to help you; tell us what exactly your problem is.


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