[Suzaku-en:00504] Interrupts help .. bufer

Alberto Perasic email@hidden
Thu Nov 22 22:46:31 JST 2007


Thanks for the answers to my last week questions

>please help us to help you; tell us what exactly your problem is.

Well, my problem is how I fill a big buffer, lets say 2048 bytes
in a automatic way using uartlite. As i see uartlite have a 16 characters
tx-rx fifo, that is to small for me.

I think i got two options... polling the status register of uartlite
to tell when read , and the other
way using interrupts. The first option may lost data if i not get the
characters in the
rxfifo to the aplication in time... and the second option is little
hard to implement.

¿ Which will be the best way to implement a large buffer to contain
data temporarily ?


Alberto Perasic.

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