[Suzaku-en:00562] Compiling Linux for Suzaku SZ410

Mike Thompson email@hidden
Wed Apr 2 06:09:24 JST 2008

I don't read Japanese, but I'm familiar enough with compiling Linux 
kernals that I can make my way through the Japanese documentation for 
the Suzaku SZ410 software environment at:


A very basic question I have right now is that in order to compile the 
latest user environment and kernel I have to use the following commands:

   cd atmark-dist-20080314
   make CROSS_COMPILE=powerpc-linux-gnu- config
   make CROSS_COMPILE=powerpc-linux-gnu-

Notice I have to use the CROSS_COMPILE setting for the make environment 
find the various cross compilation tools.  The documentation doesn't 
indicate such a command line parameter.  The default configuration seems 
to want to use 'powerpc-linux-gcc' rather than the 
'powerpc-linux-gnu-gcc' I have installed from the Atmark provided debian 
files according to the documentation.

Does this indicate that I have the wrong set of tools installed or some 
other problem?


Mike Thompson

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