[Suzaku-en:00570] Re: Re-program

Mike Thompson email@hidden
Sat Apr 5 05:31:43 JST 2008

We use a number of SZ130's for our FPGA development.

The Suzaku software manual at the URL below describes "Rewriting a Flash 
Memory Using Hermit" on page 17.


As described in the software manual, we use Hermit-At WIN32 (hermit.exe) 
to write the 'download.bit' bitstream file produced by the Xilinx EDK to 
the Suzaku SZ130.

However, be careful that the bitstream image you create with the EDK 
always works (i.e. don't change the memory addresses of peripherals). 
If you somehow mess up the bistream image stored in Flash you'll need a 
JTAG cable such as the Xilinx Cable IV to un-brick your Suzaku as 
described in the thread that Mio linked to.

Mike Thompson

mio wrote:
> Hi.
>> Hi all,
>> I have the SZ130-U00 board. I want to try to reprogram
>> the FPGA. I have the EDK project file and successfully
>> resynthesis the bit file using EDK 8.2i. I noticed
>> that the JTAG connector is not available (not
>> 'mounted') on the board. My question is, is there any
>> way I can reprogram the FPGA using the serial console
>> CON1? 
> you can reprogram the FPGA using the serial console CON1.
> please refer to the following thread.
> http://lists.atmark-techno.com/pipermail/suzaku-en/2007-June/000377.html
> regards.

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