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Thu Apr 10 14:18:36 JST 2008

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1. [Suzaku-en:00575] Re: Getting error when attemted to replace
the old hermit with new hermit using hermit -at-win utility on
armadillo-500 board (joe)


Message: 1
Date: Wed, 09 Apr 2008 20:16:31 +0900
From: joe 
Subject: [Suzaku-en:00575] Re: Getting error when attemted to replace
the old hermit with new hermit using hermit -at-win utility on
armadillo-500 board
To: "SUZAKU general discussion list (in English)"

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Hi Ulhas,
>> We have an armadillo-500 board. Accidently we overwritten the hermit
>> which is present on board's NOR flash. So, we wanted to again load the
>> hermit image in NOR flash in bootloader region. So we short jumpers
>> JP3,JP4 and JP6 to bring the board in UART boot mode. After that, we
>> tried to communicate with the board using "shoehorn" tab on
>> hermit-at-win utility with "armadillo5x0" selected in "target"
>> combobox of the "shoehorn" tab. But we got the error "Failed Target
>> Initializing (-127)".
We have tried to produce the error that you have found ("Failed Target 
Initializing (-127)") but it does not occur on our side. For the 
configuration tool "Hermit-At Win32" which we are using is :

2008/04/09 19:35:46: version
Hermit-At WIN32 v1.1.1
Copyright (C) 2005-2008 Atmark Techno, Inc.
* updated the shoehorn.dll interface

Shoehorn.dll v1.1.0
Copyright (C) 2005-2008 Atmark Techno, Inc.
* add support for i.MX31 Rev2.0

So please download from our official website as the following url:

If you have found any problem during using, please do feel free to 
contact us.
And please also post your message on the Armadillo mailling instead of 
Suzaku-en, thank you in advance.

Best Regards,

  Hi Joe,
  Thanks a lot for your response. We can successfully replace the hermit now on armadillo500 board with the latest "hermit-at-win32" utility which you suggested to me by giving respective web link. So, it was the problem with older "hermit-at-win32" utility which we got from our customer.
  By the way, I have registered in suzaku-en mailing list. How can i register in armadillo mailing list as you suggested?
  Thanks & Regards,
  Atrisys, India.


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