[Suzaku-en:00577] Re: suzaku-en Digest, Vol 37, Issue 7

joe email@hidden
Fri Apr 11 20:44:11 JST 2008

Hi Ulhas,
>     Thanks a lot for your response. We can successfully replace the
>     hermit now on armadillo500 board with the latest "hermit-at-win32"
>     utility which you suggested to me by giving respective web link.
>     So, it was the problem with older "hermit-at-win32" utility which
>     we got from our customer.
So GLAD!! to know that :-) .

>      By the way, I have registered in suzaku-en mailing list. How can
>     i register in armadillo mailing list as you suggested?
To register Amadillo mailing list please visit to this url:

Unfortunately, there are many japanese texts on this page but the 
interface is not so much differrent from suzaku-en mailing list.
To use the web translation such as "http://www.google.com/translate_t" I 
thought that it might help.

Best Regads,

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