[Suzaku-en:00580] Re: Suzaku SZ030 time leaps

Yasushi SHOJI email@hidden
Thu Apr 24 18:10:33 JST 2008

At Fri, 18 Apr 2008 11:39:27 +0200,
Florian Painke wrote:
> I've just recently installed ntpclient on my Suzaku SZ030 uClinux. 
> During the procedure to measure the error in frequency as described in 
> the ntpclient HOWTO I came across something strange.
> There are rather large sudden time leaps of several seconds. I.e. when 
> measuring the deviation in respect to the ntp server, first it would be 
> somewhat steady, say, a few milliseconds each minute. Then, from one 
> point measuring to the next, there's a leap of a few seconds. Largest 
> I've experienced so far is 150 seconds! From there on deviation will be 
> steady again, alas the offset from the time leap stays, of course.

150sec is way long.  how often do you see that jump?

let us know if you have any further info.

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