[Suzaku-en:00751] XPS_PS2

Seyyed Mohammad Sajjadi email@hidden
Tue Dec 2 16:55:42 JST 2008


After sometime of working with SZ410 without any problem, now I have decided to add something to the device, and have encountered a problem. I am going to add a PS2 to my baseboard so that I could use a keyboard on SZ410. Xilinx has added XPS_PS2 to as a PS/2 Controller to EDK. A driver for this core is also available in xilinx git tree. But when I tried to add this driver to my kernel I saw that some header files are missing. specifically include files starting with OF (of.h, of_device.h, of_platform.h, ...) are not available in atmark-dist. I couldn't find any of these header files for PPC Arch and POWERPC header fles didn't work. 
Is it possible to add this driver to Atmark Dist?


S. M. Sajjadi


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