[Suzaku-en:00752] Suzaku in halt state

André Carvalhosa email@hidden
Wed Dec 31 08:56:44 JST 2008


Please help me because I'm losing my mind with this problem!

I'm trying to compile the EDK8.2i project that is in the suzaku-v project
directory ( http://download.atmark-techno.com/suzaku/fpga_proj/8.2i/sz310/ )

1st step: compile the xps project and get the bit file -> no problem
2nd step: send the bit file by net flash using:   netflash -ukiHFn -r
/dev/flash/fpga  http://<server>/xps_proj.bit

The problem is that when I reboot the SUZAKU it seems that is in halt state
... the red ligth doesn't turn on. ( only the green led is on ).
I've already jumped JP1 and the hermit bootloader doesn't send any answer!

I've already try to transfer the default bit file that is on the
/default_bit_file directory and everything is fine!
Can you provide me the BSB project that was used to generate this default
bit file?

Best Regards:
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