[Suzaku-en:00553] When has flatfsd safely written to flash?

Lars email@hidden
Wed Mar 5 05:17:13 JST 2008

Hello Suzaku list!

I use Suzaku SZ010 and SZ030. When I save
configuration data in /etc/config I use the command
"kill -10 `cat /var/run/flatfsd.pid" and normally this
works fine.

Sometimes a user is really quick to turn off power
after changing a setting and the flash gets trashed
because flatfsd did not have time to finish writing
the flash. If after pressing "save config" in my
software I could delay the return to the user input
prompt until the flash writing is ready it would
encourage the user  not to turn off power too early.

Is it possible for my application software to monitor
the flash writing process?



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