[Suzaku-en:00555] Re: When has flatfsd safely written to flash?

Yasushi SHOJI email@hidden
Wed Mar 5 09:29:33 JST 2008

At Tue, 4 Mar 2008 21:17:13 +0100 (CET),
Lars wrote:
> Hello Suzaku list!
> I use Suzaku SZ010 and SZ030. When I save
> configuration data in /etc/config I use the command
> "kill -10 `cat /var/run/flatfsd.pid" and normally this
> works fine.
> Sometimes a user is really quick to turn off power
> after changing a setting and the flash gets trashed
> because flatfsd did not have time to finish writing
> the flash. If after pressing "save config" in my
> software I could delay the return to the user input
> prompt until the flash writing is ready it would
> encourage the user  not to turn off power too early.
> Is it possible for my application software to monitor
> the flash writing process?

newer version of flatfsd has a option "save" (-s).  with this option,
flatfsd returns _after_ all data has been writen to flash memory.

does this helps?

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