[Suzaku-en:00558] MicroBlaze MMU support test release now available

John Williams email@hidden
Fri Mar 7 08:09:02 JST 2008


I'm pleased to announce that we have a test release available for
MicroBlaze MMU support in the PetaLinux 2.6.20 kernel.

You can access it via the http://developer.petalogix.com front page,
just follow the links to the release notes and download.

Tested hardware platforms so far are Xilinx S3E1600 and ML505 boards,
with reference designs for both include in the usual place

If you are looking to target to a new board, after running
petalinux-new-platform make sure you copy the core kernel config
settings from one of these existing platforms, to your new platform
(e.g. vendors/Xilinx/Spartan3E1600-MMU/config.linux-2.6.x ->

The defaults assigned by the petalinux-new-platform script will be quite
far from what is required for the MMU.  I'll see about making
petalinux-new-platform a bit smarter about this for a future release.

Also please note this is a test release - once we do some more cleanup
and shakeout a few bugs we will merge it into the mainline PetaLinux
distribution.  There are a few toolchain issues etc that are as yet
unresolved, however it is quite possible to build complete, working
systems with this test release. If there is a GCC guru lurking please
drop me an email at email@hidden

Please send all bugs, patches, experience reports (good and bad!) to
this list in the first instance.

Finally thanks to Atmark Techno Inc for their financial contribution to
porting the MMU support patches to the 2.6.20 kernel tree.  For Suzaku
users, support on that platform is in the works.




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