[Suzaku-en:00588] Re: Suzaku SZ130-U00

Mike Thompson email@hidden
Thu May 1 02:01:14 JST 2008


For the SZ130, the SPI interface on CON2 is only for programming the 
Flash.  You can write your bitstream to this Flash and configure your 
FPGA in this manner, but it will only take effect be after you reset the 
system.  It doesn't provide direct access to the FPGA.

To get direct access to the FPGA you need to use the CON7 JTAG 
connector.  With this connector you can get direct access to the FPGA 
for configuration and debugging purposes using the standard Xilinx 
tools.  You will need to solder your own six pin header as this 
connector is left unsoldered on the stock SZ130.

Mike Thompson

Azman M. Yusof wrote:
> hi all,
> I have a problem reconfiguring the FPGA on the SZ130
> board. Bottom line I need to directly configure the
> FPGA. I believe I should use the SPI interface instead
> of JTAG? however, the docs that I have seems to cover
> only configuring using JTAG (lbplay2). how can i do
> this?
> thanks.
> cheers,
> azman.
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