[Suzaku-en:00592] Re: Suzaku SZ030 time leaps

Florian Painke email@hidden
Fri May 2 16:56:53 JST 2008


> so does the hung occur while setting the system time by your self,
> with, say, settimeofday()?

I will try this when I have some time on my schedule.

> hmmm... that means the hung depends on when you set time?

It's more like it depends on which services are already running.
Right now I suspect one of inetd or thttpd. But I'll have to do further 
testing, since when starting those by hand one after another, 
hangs/leaps don't seem to occur after changing the date/time... It's 
somewhat strange but has something to do with the boot process, I guess.

Regards, Florian.

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