[Suzaku-en:00596] Re: Funny behaviour with ssh on Armadillo 500.

Isaias Punktin email@hidden
Tue May 13 18:12:01 JST 2008

Hi  again and thanks for answering.

2008/5/13 Yasushi SHOJI <email@hidden>:
> Hi Isaisa,
>  At Mon, 12 May 2008 20:01:46 +0200,
>  Isaias Punktin wrote:
>  [...]
> > debian:/tmp#  scp XXXX.tar.gz email@hidden:/home/XXXX/XXXXXX
>  > Received disconnect from XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX: 2: Bad packet length 884931021.
>  > lost connection
>  >
>  >
>  > I have tried with Lenny/Sid but there is no change. I have tried
>  > connecting my PC and the Armadillo directly (with no router in the
>  > middle) too. Is somebody experiencing this behaviour?
>  haven't seen it.  your ubuntu box and other can communicate without
>  problem, right?
Yes, it's right. I have used other PC to connect to my 500 and there
are errors too.

>  does it happen with other tool like http, ftp even netcat?

I have only experienced this with secure connections like scp, ssh o
https. Never with ftp or netcat.

>  have you electrically stressed a500 network?

My 500 is connected to a Linksys switch... I think it has not been stressed.

>  > PD: Is this the better place to ask things about Armadillo 500? I
>  > mean, there is a mailing list in Japanese... should i translate my
>  > questions (somehow) and post those there?
>  no need to translate to japanese.  just post there in enlish.

That is great. Im following the other list translating it with Google
but i have not seen other people with this problem. Googling
"Corrupted MAC on input" there are many people experiencing this with
different versions of software and hardware and no definitive answers.

I have tried to test my 500's RAM with a script like this


is there a better approach to run a RAM test?

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>           yashi
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Thanks again for your speedy answer.


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