[Suzaku-en:00823] Re: Suzaku V - SZ410Z - high temperature

Sverre Hamre email@hidden
Tue Jul 7 16:18:40 JST 2009

> I'm using the SZ410Z with a Virtex 4 - CX4VFX12, during the last days it
> seems that the Virtex-chip gets very hot and it seems that it reboots
> itself sometimes.
> Do you know what the problem might be. I just downloaded the
> default-bitfiles to the suzaku board but it still gets very hot.

How hot? When I used the SZ410 it got hot, I am using another board
now with the
same FPGA 12fx and it gets quite hot, I can touch it for about 5 sec max.
So I think it is normal for it to get a little hot.

> Does the suzaku board a reboot if it gets too hot??

Never rebooted randomly, for me at least.


> And what is the typical current of this board when it is in use??
> Thank you for helping.
> Best regards
> Benjamin
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