[Suzaku-en:00825] Re: Suzaku-V SZ410 - Ethernet connection

Chris McHarg email@hidden
Sat Jul 25 16:25:14 JST 2009

Hi Benjamin

Begandt, Benjamin wrote:
> 1. Till now i used it with a 100 Mbit-switch - that works very good, but
> in future i want to connect it to a 10-BaseT hub. I tryed to connect the
> suzaku with it and then it prints on the serial port : "PHY carrier
> lost" and does not connect with it.
> Is there something i have to change in linux or so to connect it with my
> hub??

Does connecting to the 10-BaseT hub result in a half duplex connection?
The Ethernet function on the SZ410 doesn't support half duplex 
connections, so that might be causing the problem.

> 2. For testing purpose i assigned the ip to the suzaku
> with deselecting the dhcpcd-new option and changing the ifconfig-file in
> Atmark-Techno/Suzaku/etc/rc/. That works fine.
> But now, i must change the ip to I changed it in the file
> above, made a make clean, make dep and make, but the changes does not
> take effect. In my linux-image it is always the old ip.
> What do i have to do to change my ip? Are there any files i have to
> change either??

The ifconfig file in /etc/rc/ is copied to /etc/default/network at build 
time. The files in /etc/default/ are then used as the default content 
for /etc/config/. Files in /etc/config/ are saved to and restored from 
flash memory using the flatfsd command.

You can edit /etc/config/network and save it to flash with flatfsd -s, 
or you could use flatfsd -w to restore the defaults from /etc/default/ 
to /etc/config/. After that reboot and the changes should take effect.

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