[Suzaku-en:00774] Suzaku-V - building an linux kernel

Begandt, Benjamin email@hidden
Tue May 12 16:00:07 JST 2009

actually I am trying to bild an linux kernel/linux file in order to use
it on the Suzaku-V Board SZ410Z. I'm working with atde2-20090403 that is
running with VMware-Player on Windows XP.
There are some questions I would like to know. 
1. Which linux-distribution can I use on the board? Can I use
uClinux-dist and the "normal" linux which is distributed on
http://suzaku-en.atmark-techno.com/filebrowser/dist ?? I would like to
use a version as new as possible.
2. Where can I find the details I have to set up during the "make
3. I'm searching for an example or an step by step description to build
a new linux-file because till now I'm not able to create a new file from
the following source files:


and atde2-20090403 that is running with VMware-Player on Windows XP.


According to the  Suzaku Software Manual (ver 1.3.1)  I extracted the
dist archive and started the config as it described.

After that I execute make dep. That also works. 

But the last step, when i only start make it stops with the following


In file included from

from init/do_mounts.c:5:

d.h:385: warning: conflicting types for built-in function '_exit'

In file included from init/do_mounts.c:18:

mfs_fs.h:129:2: warning: #warning "__BYTE_ORDER == __BIG_ENDIAN"

init/do_mounts.c:54: error: static declaration of 'root_device_name'
follows non-static declaration

h:1576: error: previous declaration of 'root_device_name' was here

make[1]: *** [init/do_mounts.o] Fehler 1

make[1]: Leaving directory

make: *** [linux] Fehler 1



I would be grateful for your any help to solve that problem.

Best regards,


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