[Suzaku-en:00780] Re: Connecting Suzaku-V to serial port -no communication

Begandt, Benjamin email@hidden
Fri May 15 21:58:28 JST 2009

Just it works. 
I assume that there was an error in the fpga-config-file, because an update via JTAG on con7 to the fgpa made it working again. The exact way to get in running was:

1. Load the default fpga-config ( http://suzaku-en.atmark-techno.com/files/downloads/suzaku/image/fpga-sz410-101i-20090427.bin ) to the fpga. Therefore i bridged JP1. After downloading it, it restarts the fpga and an output on the serial port appears. Do not turn of the power after that! Otherwise the downloaded configuration to the fpga will be lost.
It is important to mention that this configuration is lost after the power is turned off. So this file must be downloaded to the flash memory in the next step. 
2. To download the fpga-config to the flash-memory the terminal has to be closed and hermit is started. With hermit the file is downloaded to flash-memory.
3. After that you can turn off the power, open JP1 and turn it on again. Now it will boot again.

Now I'm able to run my first own-compiled Linux on the board :-)

By the way, there is another question about programming via JTAG. I understood the manual in that way, that with con7 I'm only able to download a file direct to the fpga and not to the flash-memory?? Is that right??
Am I only able to access the flash-memory via JTAG connected to con2??

Thank you very much for helping.

Best regards,

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Begandt, Benjamin wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm trying to connect my SZ410-Board to my PC via serial port in order 
> to download a new Linux-image.
> The serial-cable is connected as following:
> Pin-Board - Definition ----- Pin Sub-D (9-poles) - Definition
> 3 - RXD -------- 3 - TXD
> 4 - RTS -------- 8 - CTS
> 5 - TXD -------- 2 - RXD
> 6 - CTS -------- 7 - RTS
> 9 - GND -------- 5 - GND
> According to the software-manual there should be an output at the 
> serial port that I should see in the terminal, but in my terminal 
> there is nothing to see.
> There is also no communication on the ethernet-port.

I supposed that the problem it may come from the serial port setting on the terminal application side. Please do confirm the following parameter.
- Baud rate     115.2kbps
- Data          8bit
- Parity        none
- Stop bit      1bit
- Flow control  none

> Connecting the board with JTAG I'm able to access the fpga and write my 
> fpga config on it.

I just notice that your board is connecting with the JTAG cable.
I'm not quite sure it would be the factor or not, but if you are trying 
to boot the Suzaku, do make sure that the Reset status of the JTAG is 
not actived, otherwise the Suzaku can not boot up. Or just disconnect it 
, I thought that it might help for debugging.


> So what can be wrong with my hardware that there is no output on the 
> serial port?? There is no Bboot-screen or login screen.
> Are the pins connected in the right order?
> How can I repair it?
> Thanks for helping.
> Best regards,
> Benjamin
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