[Suzaku-en:00782] Re: Connecting Suzaku-V to serial port -no communication

mizo email@hidden
Mon May 18 12:07:52 JST 2009


Begandt, Benjamin wrote:
> Just it works. 
> I assume that there was an error in the fpga-config-file, because an update via JTAG on con7 to the fgpa made it working again. The exact way to get in running was:
> 1. Load the default fpga-config ( http://suzaku-en.atmark-techno.com/files/downloads/suzaku/image/fpga-sz410-101i-20090427.bin ) to the fpga. Therefore i bridged JP1. After downloading it, it restarts the fpga and an output on the serial port appears. Do not turn of the power after that! Otherwise the downloaded configuration to the fpga will be lost.
> It is important to mention that this configuration is lost after the power is turned off. So this file must be downloaded to the flash memory in the next step. 
> 2. To download the fpga-config to the flash-memory the terminal has to be closed and hermit is started. With hermit the file is downloaded to flash-memory.
> 3. After that you can turn off the power, open JP1 and turn it on again. Now it will boot again.
> Now I'm able to run my first own-compiled Linux on the board :-)
> By the way, there is another question about programming via JTAG. I understood the manual in that way, that with con7 I'm only able to download a file direct to the fpga and not to the flash-memory?? Is that right??

Yes, that's right.
To access to the flash memory, you could not do on the JTAG protocol.
You might need to use any other protocol such as UART serial or SPI.

> Am I only able to access the flash-memory via JTAG connected to con2??

To write the FPGA image file to the flash memory via CON2, you also need 
Xilinx Parallel Cable III. With this way, the SPI Writer application 
software can be used to download. The SPI Writer could be downloaded 
from the following URL.

Anyhow, there is another solution also by using the UART serial 
protocol. But this way, you have to convert bit file to bin file by your 
self. The following URL below describes about howto convert and 
download. Sorry this page we provide only japanese version, but if there 
are unclear items please do feel free for asking.

For the other infomation about download tool and cable, you could refer 
to the below URL as well.


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