[Suzaku-en:00788] SZ410 - communication between linux and fpga / reading and writing variables

Begandt, Benjamin email@hidden
Tue May 19 16:01:57 JST 2009


I'm trying to programm an interface/driver in linux that connects the
fpga to linux. 

My goal - I finally want to reach - is a comunication/possibility to
read and write variables from/to the fpga from the ethernet, for example
from the webserver.

In this case I'm searching for a method to write and read variables to
the fpga, so that the fpga is able to use them for calculations and so
on, or that I can read calculated values from the fpga. 
My idea is to use the PLB to do that, but till now I found no
explanation how to programm or how to use it in Linux with c/c++ as
programming language.
Maybe someone of you can give me a hint, where to look or what to use??
Or is there a better way to communicate between linux and fpga as to use
the PLB.

Thank you very much for helping.

Best regards,

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