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Wed May 20 12:11:01 JST 2009


Begandt, Benjamin wrote:
> You are refering to the ip core in the fpga? Till now - I think - there 
> is no ip core used, because the plb will be built in the next time by 
> another student, who is working on the fpga-part.
> So I'm just trying to find out, the best way to communicate between
> fpga and linux in order to realize the functions I described above.
> Any information how to solve that issue would help me.

To access the hardware from the linux(software level), I will describe 
below. As your architecture is SZ410, I suppose that you are using the 
default FPGA project, so the CPU should be PowerPC. Since the PowerPC is 
MMU architecture CPU, what you should understand is howto convert 
address between physical memory area and virtual memory area in kernel 

For Suzaku, all Linux kernel souce file could be downloaded from the 
link below.

And the ethernet which sz410 is using, the device driver souce files are 
in the linux-2.6.18-at11/drivers/net/xilinx_temac/ directory.

In this directory, if you take a look in adapter.c you will find 
io_block_mapping() function. The purpose of this function is to convert 
physical memory area to virtual memory area. Anyhow, the machanism of 
this function is follow to PowerPC achetecture, by using the 
ioremap_nocache() instead of it may be the easier way.


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