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khannoussi mustapha email@hidden
Fri May 22 08:39:52 JST 2009

mizo wrote:

>Hermit is the bootloader and including the service utility.
>On Hermit, there are 2 simple ways that you could on/off LED on >Suzaku board...
sorry you haven't understand me, what i would say i want to run a simle project on the SZ410 board like order an external LED to the platform.
I managed to send the bitstream through the JTAG CON7 a program on EDK but I failed to see any on the hyperterminal I also tried with the program 'hello Suzaku' but nothing 'was displayed on the HyperTerminal. 

I have one last question
Begandt, Benjamin wrote:
> 1. Load the default fpga-config ( http://suzaku-en.atmark-techno.com/files/downloads/suzaku/image/fpga-sz410-101i-20090427.bin ) to the fpga.

when i want to send this .bin file with iMPACT it doesn't support any .bin file so i don't know how to do that
thanks a lot

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