[Suzaku-en:00796] Re: beginner

mizo email@hidden
Mon May 25 10:46:47 JST 2009


khannoussi mustapha wrote:
> Hi
> mizo wrote
>>So, after you finish to build the FPGA project, can you download >the .bit file to Suzaku successfully by iMPACT?
> yes it's done successfully but nothing is displayed on the HyperTerminal.
Do you make sure that the serial port setting is correct?
The following mailing list thread may relate to your problem now, I 
thouht that it may be helpful.

Also, what kind of your output message program have you written in the 
1st stage boot loader? In the boot loader(bboot) of Suzaku, the output 
text function should be written as following.

#include <xuartlite_l.h>

int put_char(unsigned long data)
     while (XUartLite_mIsTransmitFull(UART_BASEADDR));
     XUartLite_SendByte(UART_BASEADDR, (Xuint8)data);

     return 0;


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