[Suzaku-en:00799] Re: Problem booting device

mizo email@hidden
Wed May 27 19:16:49 JST 2009


It seems likely your reply message was the new created message by 
copying title from the previous. So it's quite hard for us to follow you 
up what you have mentioned previousely, because our mail server 
generated the new thread automatically.

Next, please reply from the previouse instead of creating the new one 
:-) .

Seyyed Mohammad Sajjadi wrote:
> I could find out that the design was loading completely, but strangely, when there is no JTAG connected, serial connection doesn't work!!!

Are you writing the FPGA image to the SPI flash memory via CON2?
By writing the FPGA image via CON2, the SPI flash memory will be written 

So, after boot up the SUZAKU, the FPGA image from SPI flash memory(FPGA 
region) can be configured to FPGA.

But if the FPGA image has been written via CON7 which connected to the 
JTAG port of the FPGA directly. So after doing switch on/off again all 
configulation will be lost.


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