[Suzaku-en:00801] Re: voltage of LEDs

mizo email@hidden
Thu May 28 10:21:42 JST 2009


khannoussi mustapha wrote:
> Hi everyone
> I have the SZ410 board without its LED / SW Board
> Now i run a project on EDK 9.2  as i want to turn on the 4 LEDs on the 
> LED / SW Board and i download it successfully to the SZ410. the question 
> is if i want to
> measure the voltage between the pin (37,38,39,40) (LED1, LED2, LED3, 
> LED4) and pine (41.42) (GROUND) this voltage may have what value?

Probably it should be 3.3V.
For detail, please refer to the link below.


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